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Purebred Katahdin sheep


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We love to have visitors to our farm to see our KATAHDIN sheep and Section B WELSH ponies.

Maranatha Meadows

Elisabeth Utting, John Kolemba ---- 5741 Thoman Dr., Spring Grove, PA 17362

(717) 965-5371


*Telynau Dazzle

 Foaled:  06/15/2001 

 Hunters Legacy-Of-Love X Techon Damag

We imported DAZZLE as a weanling, and we stand her son, MARANATHA SO BRILLIANT, 13.1 chestnut w/flaxen by *Telynau Bronze Statue 

Maranatha Moon Shadow

 Foaled  06/01/2017

Rosmel's Rigadoon X Maranatha Melody (by *Telynau Bronze Statue)

Yearling filly that did very well at the MD Welsh shows in 2018.

Maranatha Sweet Chariot

Maranatha Sweet Chariot

    Foaled: 06/02/2012       13.2

 Rosmel's Rolls Royce  (by Rosmel Cotillion LOM)  X  Maranatha Melody  (by *Telynau Bronze Statue)

Grass Fed Lamb for Sale

Lamb for Sale at the Farm

We have for sale USDA inspected frozen, grass fed lamb for sale at our farm.  Our lambs are processed by local USDA inspected butchers and provided to us in vacuum sealed packages for sale to the public.   We maintain a separate sales room which is inspected by PA Dept of Agriculture.  Lamb is available nearly year-round at the farm, please call for more information. 

Prices start at $5.90 per pound for ground lamb.  Other cuts are priced higher.  Call for more information.

Maranatha Ponies for Sale

Additional Information

We are a breeding farm, having raised Welsh ponies for 33 years and have imported a number of ponies from Wales from some of the top Welsh breeders.  We have just started showing our ponies this year, having campaigned Maranatha Moon Shadow in a number of eastern shows.

Maranatha Ponies for Sale

We have a number of registered, purebred Welsh Ponies for sale at this time. Below are listed several which we have available. We will add photos and other information as it becomes available.

Name Age Color Sex

1. Maranatha Lullaby 7 Grey Mare, 13.3

2. Maranatha Razzle Dazzle 4, Black Mare. OUT ON LEASE 13.2

3. Maranatha Piano Man 5 Roan Gelding, SOLD

4. Maranatha Keep Constant 3 Brown Mare 

5. Maranatha Re-echo 3 Grey Mare, 12.1 1/2 trained and going well, very sweet.

6. Maranatha Wild Mt Thyme 3 Grey Mare already 14.1.

7. Maranatha Tamborine Man 2 Grey Gelding will mature a tope of the line medium.

8. Maranatha Pewter Button 2 Roan Gelding should mature tope of the line medium.

9. Maranatha Limerick 2 Brown Filly

10. Maranatha Sun Gold 2 Palomino Filly  SOLD

11. Maranatha Lyric 1 Brown Filly will definitely mature over 14 hands.

12. Maranatha Rhapsody 2017 Chestnut w/flaxen Filly, will definitely be a good sized large. (Rosmel's Rigadoon  X  Maranatha Perfect Harmony.

13. Maranatha Bristol Adlais, Black Gelding 2017, will be a large. (Maranatha Keep the faith  X  Bristol Echo)

14. Maranatha Brown Pearl 2017, Brown Filly will be a nice medium. (Rosmel's Rigadoon  X  Maranatha Pearl)

15. Maranatha Fleur de Leis 2017, filly (Rosmel's Rigadoon  X  Maranatha Fancy Lace),  Grey. Will mature a small.

16, Maranatha Bentley 2018 Chestnut w/flaxen,  Gelding, will definitely be a good sized large.