How I Got Started

     I was looking for quality ponies for myself and my young children in northern PA, and it was VERY difficult in 1980. I went up to visit Glannant Farm in Ithaca, NY which was only 1 hour north of where we lived in PA.

      I totally fell in love with the ponies as they were kept naturally on pasture, happy, beautifu, kind and very friendly. I  purchased 2 ponies from Molly, Miss Raindrop (Glannant Country Roads X Spicey Dewdrop {Talybont Shawn X Lyyntrum Hiho Ginger} and Glannant Polonaise (*Brockwell Spider X *Finleln Cricket) who was 21 years old and bred to Glannant Ballad (*Cusop Sheriff X *Coed Coch Prydyddes). Their resulting foal was Woolen Hills Treasure. Who is still here with us at MARANATHA MEADOWS in York County, PA.